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Atopica, Rimadyl Fortekor, Florinef, Vivitonin available here

Welcome to DRUGS4PETS

Welcome to Drugs4Pets UK Site. We are UK based, and all your medicines are dispensed by a veterinary surgeon from a caring private practice, not a pharmacist working in a warehouse.

Vetmedin, Fortekor, Atopica, and Rimadyl are just a few of the many products available on this site. In these economic times, veterinary prescriptions are becoming more commonplace, where for a small fee; a pet owner can now order their pet medicines online. Pet medications, veterinary medicines or pet drugs are easily ordered and despatched by us as soon as we receive your order and your pet prescription is emailed, faxed, or posted to us. As well as pet products we also stock a large range of pet drugs and veterinary medications. We sell Vetmedin, Prednoleukotropin, (PLT) Fortekor, Florinef, Vivitonin, and Epiphen which are only some of the prescription medicines available on this site. We also stock large quantities of non prescription flea products such as Frontline , and prescription products such as Stronghold, Advocate and Advantage, as flea treatments for pets. Atopica is a new exciting veterinary medicine for long-term skin disease and has almost miraculous results when used properly. A veterinary prescription for this from your veterinary surgeon could be key to ending the suffering caused by long-term skin disease in dogs.

 As well as prescription and non-prescription veterinary drugs and veterinary medicines,  for dogs, cats and rabbits, we also supply Hills prescription diets and Hills Science Plan for Dogs and Hills Prescription Diets and Hills Science Plan Diets for Cats. Veterinary prescriptions are not required for these speciality diets at the present time.

All our Veterinary prescription pet medicines are checked, dispensed and despatched by a qualified veterinary surgeon based in the UK. Rimadyl is an especially useful and therapeutic treatment for canine arthritis in our opinion. Many of our items may require you to send a pet prescription through along with your order so please download our online prescription form if required. This may be emailed or faxed to us but we also need the original to be posted to us.

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